Essay On Working Class Students

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Working class children and university. There are always social inequalities between social classes. What is working class? Working class consists of people with low status, low education attainment, and low average income.Working-class children have less chances to enter to the appropriate universities, and also 'Abitur ' (High-school degree) has increased for them. On other hand, the most places in university reserved for service-class children. Service - class has much more privileges. 'Diversion thesis ' which was suggested by Muller and Pollak and extended by Hillmer and Jacob, approves written above. In most cases working-class children less likely have prospective success in University education, so most of them refrain from it. The main problem of this research is: Social inequality, people from lower-class cannot afford good education for their children, while people from upper-class can get best education for their children. The big part depends on parents, the way parents act, raise their children. It has an enormous…show more content…
Working class kind of synonym of poorness. They have usually only a high school diploma. Usually working-class children taught to esteem obedience rather than innovativeness and leadership. Other minus is, schools with low incomes usually are overcrowded and have lack of resources, and they cannot get to a private school. When they get to school, they see that there are fourty students, while the classroom designed for twenty. Many of them have no books and notebooks. In some cases parents think that education is not the real key to exit from working-class into upper. So as following, impoverished people do not value education Other thing is psychological part for working-class children. Lack of cultural experience, like attending restaurants, theatres etc. and how they dress or other things make them holding working-class back. They have different attitude to school appoach. Usually they feel themselves 'miserable ' or
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