Long Working Time Essay

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Background Working time, according to Wikipedia, is “the period of time that a person spends at paid labor” (“Working Time”, 2016) and considering the near history of humanity, this concept has exploded very recently right after the industrial revolution. In pre-industrialized societies, working conditions were so harsh and nobody was really concerned about these conditions and peasants/workers used to work till all the task which have to be completed are done. Following both agricultural and industrial revolutions, things have started to change but not too quickly. First of all overall working time has increased as people didn’t have to work only in seasonal jobs or day-time jobs. They moved to factories from their farms to work in 7/24 lightened…show more content…
Long working hours have severe effects on people. Firstly, number of work accidents increases as working hours goes up mainly due to lack of attention resulted by fatigue(Mutevellioğlu , 2009) Secondly, following a long-work, people normally tend to feel very stressful and extremely tired. Therefore, instead of spending time on different leisure time activities, what they only do is eating and sleeping in front of the TV. As a result, social life is almost set to zero. This triggers problems among family members as well and leads to huge problems between them. Finally, all these problems make individuals feel worthless and they are obliged to stick to their job without complaint. Adding inadequate salaries on top makes it a “work to survive” lifestyle. On the other hand, there is another point about the lifestyle of a “work to survive” that some of the employees who are struggling to survive, especially low qualified blue-collar workers in Turkey, are going slowdown in their works in order to stay at work more on purpose. This shows the complexity of the situation that we are in and it is needed to be analysis the issue deeply. One of the question should be why these people are in need of being at their work longer and later on how their compulsory needs could be
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