The Importance Of Workout Excuses

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The 6 Workout Excuses That We’ve all Heard Before No matter who you are, at some point in your life you will make excuses. Making excuses is our way, as humans, of alleviating feelings of guilt, shame and remorse that we feel towards a certain event. Working out is no different since even the most dedicated exercise aficionados have undoubtedly made at least one excuse to get out of their daily routine for even a couple hours. However, the reality is, these excuses usually do more harm than good as it relates to getting fit. So it’s time to kick those excuses to the curb! Here’s a list of six of the most frequently heard workout excuses that many of us are guilty of and how you can avid them: “I Don’t Have the Time to Exercise” This…show more content…
If you find yourself making this excuse you should first consider a more modest approach to your workout regime and make realistic objectives. It is also recommended that you keep a record or journal of your workout sessions as you go along. This workout journal will serve as a catalogue that you can look back on to see if you are falling behind with your routine. Exercising with others can also help you to get back on track. Try to get yourself a workout partner that will not only keep you motivated and working hard, but will also rely on you for the same level of motivation. If you find that you are guilty of making the excuses listed above, one too many times it’s time to make a change. Tell yourself that for your next scheduled session you will give it your all, putting out 100 or even 150 percent. Don’t just say this, you should ensure that when the time comes around you actual put on your best performance, leaving no holds

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