Importance Of Conflict In The Workplace

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Workplace conflict is bound to arise. Be it colleagues, clients or bosses, the time for a difficult conversation will happen at some point. You need to pick and choose your battles wisely. Just as much so, you need to be ready to stand up when it is the right time.

For some of us, this is not our natural disposition. However, in the workplace, we need to speak up because it is part of all our jobs.
Conflict is Needed at Times

It is understandable if you want to avoid conflict. Yet, think of all you have accomplished by not speaking up. The truth is, by not speaking up you remain trapped in your conflict.

It is essential for your growth that you engage in tense work situations from time to time. You should not seek out conflict, but when it arises, you should address it adequately. Doing so, proves your capabilities as a leader and, more so, as an adult.
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For many, they know that they have to speak but, but are held back for one reason or another. From self-preservation to perceptions of the workplace, a range of reasons hinder employees from adding this scenario to their day.

Unless your job or health is at risk, you have to overcome such hurdles. The following solutions should have you clearing common mental obstacles that surround office conflict.
Don’t Put Off a Talk
Our brains often justify waiting before acting. While sleeping on an idea certainly has merit, it doesn't when it comes to conflict. Often, only one side is aware of the problem. If you are that person, sitting on your frustration won't quell it one bit.

Holding in your frustration only allows for rumination. Your brain creates a swirl of what if scenarios and outcomes until your mind is a mess. Now, you’re all wound up, and the other side of the issue is likely none the wiser. When, if ever, you address the problem, it will now sound like a long-held point of conflict instead of a resolvable topic.
Stop Worrying About the
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