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“Any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation or other threatening or disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site (Lype)” is the definition of workplace violence as given by OSHA. Workplace violence is unfortunately emerging as an important safety and health issue in healthcare today due to its high prevalence. Workplace violence includes verbal assault, physical assault, and even fatalities. In some cases the bully may not even realize they are tormenting someone else. However, in most situations this type of violence is prevalent and not taken serious enough. Something as small as a negative attitude due to a rough morning before work can result in verbal assault against a coworker. It is our job as future nurses…show more content…
In the workplace this may not be talked about or it could cause a plethora of problems. A majority of people may not even realize they are apart of workplace violence. Whether they are the victim or the actual victimizer. Violence in the work place is not something that is frequently talked about unless it happens to be on a traumatic level, like a shooting. However, even a threat is considered workplace violence and although it may be a “joke” or unintentional, it is dangerous and needs to be taken very seriously. A majority of these issues in the work place are not reported due to the fear of retaliation. People may fear losing their job or making the other employee even angrier. This can be especially scary for a new nurse or another employee who is finding themselves in a position where they are trying to be liked. Nursing is not about going to work to make friends and be liked. It is about caring for our patients and their families and doing so in a safe environment is key for everyones safety. Reporting threats or any type of violence is crucial to ensure we are doing our job effectively. Countless employers have ways to anonymously report any type of harassment, making those being bullied feel safe and not have to fear retaliation from their attacker. Knowing these resources when entering a new job is very important to continue to protect everyone, including ourselves, from

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