Essay On World Peace

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Hailing from the Indian subcontinent means being a part of the one of the world’s largest democracy which in turn means being well informed about the functioning of political institutions and the role of international organizations in supporting the functioning of these institutions.
Moreover, reading the daily about the existence of anarchy in few countries and the preaching of extremism and practice of barbaric activities like terrorism have made me cognizant of why world peace is on the verge of serious threat. It is then that I understood the role of international organizations in contributing to world peace. My fair research on the power of ‘peace diplomacy’ made me understand its role in establishing peace. I also became aware of the role diplomacy had in holding talks between allies at the Yalta conference during the 2nd world war which eventually led to
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This year I bagged a gold in sports. My other leisure pursuits include abstract painting, writing, taking part in infotainment events such as TIECON, TEDx. During the weekends I take part in NGO activity. At U&I Charity I volunteered to teach English to the children at the Charity home. This has, in a way helped me to look at life and things from a breath larger perspective and how team work or collaborations bear fruit.
A world renowned institution like Oxford will not only be the best learning experience of my life, but will also allow me to network with the best of the best in the industry. As an avid learner, it would be an honour more than a privilege for me to experience the British education system.
Upon my graduation I would like to be involved in diplomacy or any other international organization and represent Oxford wherever I work. World peace is my area of interest and focus. It will be a great learning experience for me to present my dissertation on “the evolution of democracy in
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