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With many famous World War 1 leaders, there are only some that are considered outstanding. Throughout the four years of World War 1, there were many leaders in all countries however, some leaders could only do so much to help fight for their country while some did an extraordinary job of turning the war into their favor. These leaders came together to form alliances known as The Allies and the Central Powers. The countries struggle though conditions of moral and battles, but thanks to these leaders some countries were in better shape than others. These are the factors the fight during World War 1 by the most important leaders in every country and what they did to earn that title, the strategies that they used during the war, and the main battles that they won to turn the war into their favor. During World War 1 there were two teams of countries that came together to…show more content…
This was simply because of the leaders and strategies that they had for each country. The Central Powers were mostly weak because their leader was focused on military tactics, it could not outsmart The Allies. The Central Powers also relied on Germany as their main country to attack the opposing countries which caused separation of the Central Powers. The leaders that clearly show their superiority compare to other leaders were absolutely President Woodrow of the United States, David Lloyd George of Britain, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, Wilhelm II of Germany, and Franz Josef I of Austria-Hungary. The other leaders are still good, but only average leaders who either let other leaders take control of them like Italy did, or didn’t provide the necessary military power like Bulgaria. These are the leaders that we remember as for what they each did during the war, the strategies they provided to win battles, and the important battles that turn the tide of the war in their favor. In the end clearly, The Allies won World War 1 thanks to its

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