Essay On World Without Internet

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World without internet?

Thanks to digital technologies, which introduced us with the internet have brought us many great things in life. However, after years of its introduction to the world, people still debate whether the internet should be existent or not. Some people are saying how it has brought us only bad things in life. I would disagree with them. Since the creation of internet, how faster do we get the needed information? Without internet, our lives would be just more harder. Can you imagine yourselves sitting in the library looking through old books just trying to find the information that you are looking for? With internet it only takes you a minute to find it. If we were living in the world where there is no internet, there would be way less jobs. Do you know how many people have jobs that are related to internet? Because of the internet over 1.2 million people have jobs. If there were no internet, where will all those people work?

Not only that the internet is providing us with all the information in the world, but it has opened many jobs for people. Also, businesses, while they are advertising themselves or their products, they mainly do it through internet. How many times do you see those job advertisements for jobs on the internet? According to the source, 54% of US adults have been looking for a job over internet, while 45%
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First it started off with unlimited information and it finished with people having arguments about everything. The internet developed too fast and many people forgot it’s purpose-help. People created it to help people by giving them unlimited information.My opinion is that internet has brought us many advantages to life and will continue to do so, and without internet, many things would not even happen. Technology is growing very fast and is going to bring us many more good things, just as internet is
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