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The concept of worldviews is an ongoing debate that continues to grow. A worldview is a belief about aspects in reality that shape the way one may think, know, and do. Everyone has their own worldview which really makes individuals who they are today. The good thing about worldviews are they can grow and change. Personally, I strongly agree with the christian worldview also known as, biblical worldview. A christian worldview is based on the Word of God. This word is the foundation in everything I say or do. There are many different worldviews that create a foundation for one’s life, which makes worldview one of the biggest debates today. Many may question what is real when it comes to different worldviews. How do you actually know what is real when it comes to worldviews? Since one’s worldviews may differ from another this question has many answers. Knowing what is real all depends on how an individual sees the world and what they believe in. From a christian worldview, knowing what is real comes from faith. Having faith…show more content…
Many believe there is a afterlife while other believe that to be false. In so many words, afterlife is life later after one has passed away. As one who believes in God and the word, the afterlife plays a huge role in everyday life. Life after death from a christian perspective is either heaven or hell. We all have failed and falling short of god’s expectation however, he is forgiving and ultimately the judge of who will go where after death. In heaven, you are said to be in the presence of god and your loved ones for eternity. Hell is for sinners or non believers are punished.. Some may wonder how is any of this possible to know. As a believer, it is very vital as the Word of God says, “I write these things to you who believe in the name of the son of god so that you may know that you have eternal life” (1 John 5:13). All in all, a biblical worldview offers

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