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There are so many worldviews that it’s hard to know which one is right. There are four questions that can be asked in order to find out which one fits with what we know about God’s existence. The first question is “Where did you come from?” The second question is “What is your purpose in life?” The third question is “What do you believe about right and wrong?” The fourth and final question is “What happens when you die?” [4.14.1] Many of the worldviews that exist can be identified as a “main worldview”. There are seven main worldviews. Out of all of these worldviews only the monotheistic worldview answers the four questions adequately with what we know about God.
To prove this we will look at the seven main worldviews starting with Naturalism. There are two subcategories to Naturalism called Atheism and Agnosticism. The difference between the two is that Atheists believe there is no God while Agnostics believe that God cannot be known or proven. [4.15.1] Naturalists believe that they
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They believe that they came from God. Their purpose in life is to grow as a person, share experiences and know God. Many are unsure of the source of morality so they decide their own right and wrong. They believe there is some type of life after death but they aren’t sure what kind because there are conflicting views. [4.15.3] Deism is the view that God exists but is not directly involved with the world. Deists believe that before anything was made there was God and that they were made by God. They believe that meaning comes from discovering everything that God has made. Humans are responsible for discovering morality but many decide morality on what will make them happy. If you live a good life you will be rewarded by God when you die and if you live a bad life you will be punished by God. Since God is powerful and active we can know that these world views are

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