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DRAWING the EXPRESSION It has been said, "a picture is worth a thousand words.” But is it true? Ivan Turgenev in an 1862 article of “Fathers and Sons” said, “The drawing shows me at a glance what would be spread over ten pages of a book.” A complex thought can be communicated with a single still image. Drawing produces words in our mind that describes what we are seeing and even feeling. When an artist paints or sketches a picture they are making a statement or telling a story. In the same way when a writer is putting together a piece of writing he or she is not only saying something: they are creating an image for the mind. Writing is Drawing. Consider this: the history of language shows us that we as a human race have always used pictorial methods to communicate. Most early writing systems begin with imagery used as words. We have a plethora of examples throughout the world; the greatest example being the Egyptian Hieroglyphs from around 3200 BC. According to, “a German archaeologist in 1988, Günter Dreyer, unearths at Abydos, on the Nile in central Egypt, small bone and ivory tablets recording in early hieroglyphic form the items delivered to a temple, mainly linen and oil. These fragments have been carbon-dated to between 3300 and 3200…show more content…
This beautiful style of writing and art gives us amazing forms of letters with a twist of imagination. Calligraphers take any form of a letter and intricately create an awesome design. A word takes a whole new reflection while retaining the original meaning though it may not be intelligible. This form of writing began with the transition of the cuneiform script. This style of art and writing began with the carelessness of writing capitol, cursive letters by Roman scribes while compiling notes, business records, letters, and other everyday business activities came to be known as fourth century business hand and then the cursive

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