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When someone has an addiction to Xanax, they may need to go through Xanax detox. This highly potent benzodiazepine can becoming habit forming if it is used for an extended period of time. While it is used medicinally to treat panic attacks and anxiety, this does not mean that Xanax is safe to use. Signs of Xanax Abuse Xanax is the most prescribed psychoactive drug in the entire country. Because of this, it is readily available and easily leads to abuse. Someone who abuses Xanax may seem to be extremely tired and unmotivated. They may find it difficult to enjoy activities that they once loved. Someone who needs Xanax detox may also become withdrawn from their friends and family. Physically, there are certain signs that someone may suffer from Xanax abuse. The common symptoms include: - Dry mouth - Cognitive impairment - Dizziness - Seizures - Delirium - Slurred…show more content…
Individuals may experience depression, delirium, impulsive behaviors and an increased risk of dementia. Because of the severity of withdrawal symptoms, it is important to go through Xanax detox at a professional facility. Is Xanax Detox Necessary? When someone has a Xanax addiction, they need to seek professional help. Withdrawal side effects can be uncomfortable and even dangerous, so it is important to go through Xanax detox at a rehab center. With the right treatment, patients can safely detox and begin their recovery. Intervention and Taking the Next Step Once someone develops an addiction, they often do not recognize that there is a problem. They may have gradually become dependent on the drug without realizing it. By being open and supportive, family and loved ones can stage an intervention. Prolonged Xanax abuse can cause rage, aggression and agitation in the user, so it is important that family members do not confront them alone. An addiction specialist can help plan the

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