Essay On Year Round School

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We as humans separate ourselves from other mammals with the fact that we teach future generations to learn from our past mistakes. When presented with a problem that we have seen before we can solve the situation more effectively when using our learnt knowledge. One repeated result that has hindered our education system here in America is that several schools are not at their most efficient state. Year-round schools are advantageous for many schools. With a continuous learning flow, ease from overcrowded schools, and flexible calendar plans, many schools are able to benefit themselves from not using the traditional school year calendar, a plan that has been in use for over a hundred years. Known by most, year-round schools have a shorter summer break, which is self-explanatory in the name. However, this extended time does not necessarily mean more school days. The vacation days lost in the summer due to the extended year are merely moved evenly across the year. As a result, the learning loss that most children experience during the long summer break is more contained and less recessive. Plus, with more frequent breaks, classes similar to summer school, called intercessions are offered as remedial classes throughout the year to help struggling students. Some of the courses can even be for…show more content…
This calendar is called a multi-track calendar. As one group of students that are coming back from an intermission, another batch leaves so that there is a constant flow that doesn’t overflow the facility. Thus, allowing schools and district to admit more students without overflowing or causing problems. This, in fact will allow them to use the money that would’ve been spent building a new school or remodeling an old one into teacher’s paychecks, better books, new technologies, or more supplies for the
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