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Attending school on a year-round calendar or a traditional calendar is a huge debate in the school districts across the United States. It is mainly about which calendar is best for the students’ academics. Everyone is talking about whether to keep the traditional school calendar or switch to year-round school. Year-round schooling is moving away from the traditional 3 semesters with a long summer break to shorter semesters interspersed with more, but shorter holidays (Wu and Stone 2010). Since this is an ongoing debate, there are both pros and cons of having a change happen. This paper will mainly focus on the benefits of why having a year-round calendar is better for the students. Debate on whether or not to change all school calendars to year-round or keep the traditional calendars has been going on for over the past twenty years. It only stopped during the Great Depression and World War II. Knowing that the first year-round school was created earlier, there is plenty of history for research about school calendars. Having more information from when year-round schools started the more connections can be made to schools today that are year-round. Everyone has different facts about when the first year-round school was established; there was not an…show more content…
Most people have been talking about whether or not students should be attending school year-round. There are both pros and cons to having a year-round calendar. The main reason people are against change is because more breaks will hurt the students learning. Having more frequent days away from educational learning causes them to forget more. On the opposing side they say having year-round calendars will increase the academics of students. Academic achievement is the most important concern in education. Students wanting a great education so they have an efficient future profession need to be on whatever calendar gives the best
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