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Yeast infections most often occur in the moist areas of the body particularly on the mouth and genital area in both men and women. These are caused by many factors including poor diet, hygiene and stress management while the symptoms include red, painful and itchy sores, lesions and rashes.

The good news is that natural remedies for yeast infection are often the only methods that anybody with a yeast infection will need to treat the condition. And even when over-the-counter medications are necessary, the following natural remedies are still a must because of their preventive value. Yeast infections are less likely to occur with healthy lifestyle changes since the causes are directly addressed instead of just providing temporary relief for the symptoms. …show more content…

This is because yeast overgrowth can be traced to a weakened immune system brought partly by an unhealthy diet. You can keep the following suggestions in mind:

• Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, whole grains, lean meats and fishes. Dairy products are not recommended because yeast organisms feed on these food items. An exception to the dairy rule, however, is plain unflavored yogurt since it contains probiotics, the good bacteria that kill yeast organisms while also fostering a healthy gastrointestinal environment.
• Starchy and sugary foods are also out because these contain substances that serve as food to the yeast organisms. Even sweet fruits like melons are not recommended.
• Drink cranberry juice. Studies have linked it to faster treatment of yeast infections.

Cigarettes, coffee and alcohol are also absolutely no in yeast infection treatment. Your body experiences a weaker immune system with these substances, not to mention that your entire body suffers from their adverse effects. You have higher risks for chronic degenerative diseases like diabetes when you smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol.


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