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In order to get the same amount of calcium of an eight ounce glass of milk you would have to eat six slices of whole wheat bread, one fourth cup of broccoli or, seven medium sized oranges. “calcium is a mineral the body needs for numerous functions including bone growth.” (nutrition source)
Thesis Statement: Dairy should be in the human diet because it is one of the most nutrient packed food group.

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“ calcium is a mineral the body needs for numerous functions including bone growth” (nutrition source). There are two ways the body absorbs calcium, dietary supplements or eating calcium rich foods. Drinking milk prevents osteoporosis or the weakening of bones because your body absorbs the calcium needed for bone growth and strengthening. when blood levels drop to low the body pulls calcium from our bones leading to osteoporosis.

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Yogurt boosts immunity "studies have shown people who consume at least two cups of yogurt daily have boosted immunity"(sears). Yogurt is one of the best dairy products for you because you get both dairy and fruit servings at once. Yogurt naturally lowers cholesterol, the live cultures in yogurt can naturally lower cholesterol.
Body Paragraph 7:
Yogurt is great for both young and old. Children love the taste and texture, and children also need the balanced source of proteins, fats , carbs and minerals. The elderly have a weaker digestive system and yogurt is softer and easier for them to handle. It's a valuable food to them.

Body Paragraph 8: Cheese has been being eaten for thousands of years. Cheese has natural calcium, phosphate and vitamin D.(milk benefits) Butter comes off as a unhealthy food but study's show its not, butter is pure natural food made. Butter provides 5.8grams of fat, 3.7grams of saturated fat and 52 calories if consumed as a thin
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