Essay On Young Generation And Technology

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The younger generation and technology
Technology has become an inseparable part of the social, working and leisure life of people. Communication via emails, using multi-media sites, searching information or internet shopping are part of the daily routine in a high percentage of homes. Until a few years ago, analysis on the use of these devices was focused on adult users. However, this tendency has changed in recent times and child and youth audience begins to play a major role, especially in social networking, the most popular activity online. Is the young society getting worse as technology takes over the world?
In little more than five years, this age group has become dominant, as more than thirty per cent of internet users are up to twenty years old. More than 75% of all teenagers have a mobile phone, used mainly to take and share pictures,
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Teens may also become obsessed with the Internet, looking at their mobile phones every few minutes to check new statuses, messages or notifications. This addiction can interfere with responsibilities, like chores and homework. Furthermore, health-related issues can be developed, including obesity, vision disorders, insomnia or side effects of harmful radiations of smartphones.
These are some of the negative effects of the internet on youth proven by scientific investigations. These issues with technology are the deductible ones, which are easily identifiable; but could there be some side effects of these network connections still unknown to the humanity? Possibly there are, and the biggest concern is we do not know their consequences.
The previous generation did not have the access to gadgets as the younger generation has, whose development is greatly affected by digitalisation in today’s world. Information on all topics circulates around the Internet and it is accessible to everyone. False information is spread online in terms of seconds, influencing negatively young people who are in process of development and
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