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Over the last few decades, advertising has started gotten more and more influential. It has reached to the extent whereby the advertising industry has profited the world with billions of dollars. Marketer has then begun exploiting children as advertising tools. Children have been hired to be in the advertising campaign to catch the attention of publics due to their innocent and attractive physical appearance. Somehow, the advertising industry has emerged into youth driven market. Today advertisement either relevant or not relevant towards child product, children have still happened to appear in the advertisement. This topic is crucial in the area of our studies as we are able to match advertising and age alongside to further our understanding…show more content…
Advertisement has constantly appeared in our daily lives. However, as children grow, they will begin interpreting advertisement when they happened to watch ads in between movie program. At the age of 10 to 15 that is the stage where teenager’s maturity gets stronger and it is also the time where they start imitate what they watch on the ads. Teenagers in today world would get mature faster than ever because they’re expose to the outside world and they would feel the pressure given by theirs peers. Teenagers at this age will start purchasing cosmetic and fashion product, in a way these group of teen would assumed they will gain respect from the peers if they have something better than their friends. Amongst these range of age, teenager or children would not able to define what is right and wrong that shown on the ads. They will assume the ads showed in public are right and is correct imitate. For example, during the early 20’s, High School Musical drama was a hit in global media. A lot of the drama’s merchandise such as pencil box, school bags, and t-shirts were largely produce and distribute in the market. This is a way where the movie creates influence and later makes profit from the merchandise that sold to the

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