Essay On Youth In Agriculture

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India is known for its agriculture; in fact agriculture is the Backbone of Indian economy. Every third person in an Indian city today is a youth. Young people are three times more likely to be unemployed than adults and more than 75 million youth worldwide are looking for work. Engaging youth in agriculture has been a prominent topic recently and has risen up the development agenda, as there is growing concern worldwide that young people have become disenchanted with agriculture. Development of agriculture is critically important for ensuring food and nutritional security for hundreds of millions of people.
The challenges of retaining youth in agriculture have been recognized globally. Youth do not perceive agriculture as a remunerative and
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This has several implications for the future of Indian agriculture and India's Food Security. Young farmers can play an important role in ensuring the food security if they are encouraged to involve in farming and the challenges faced are addressed. Over the past few years, rural youth have been shying away from agriculture and globally there is an increasing interest in finding ways of engaging youth in agriculture. Generally youth are willing to adopt new ideas and technologies and therefore agricultural extension services should target youth to transform agriculture. The youth could be the ideal catalyst to change the poor image of persons involved in agriculture, especially in the rural communities given their greater possibility to adapt new ideas, concept and technology which are all important to changing the way agriculture is practiced and perceived. Agricultural extension services can effectively address these issues by encouraging and supporting youth participation in agriculture. Improving their capacities and increasing their involvement will also help in changing the negative perception about farmers as “uneducated and unskilled, physical labourers engaged in a glamour less vocation with extremely low economic
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