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Equally important, is the matters in which both the Young Offenders Act and the youth Criminal justice Act, Aid Young offenders that are trying to reintegrate into society after being released. This matter can prove to be very important to the courts due to simply to the fact that if there is a higher and the most successful rate of offender reintegration in Canada, there will be a significant decrease in the yearly youth crime statistic because of the fewer amounts of youth re-offenders. According to the Department of justice Canada( 2009), “Under the YOA, a young person can be released from custody with no required supervision and support to assist the young person in making the transition back to his or her community”( Custody and Reintegration). With these findings, we can clearly conclude that although these young people were capable re-attaining their freedoms, many of Canada’s youths would have…show more content…
Although the Youth Offender Act contained many sentencing options, the Youth Criminal justice Act contained many new provisions and much more concise detail and instructions on the options that were already in effect. The improvements made in the YCJA lead to a better understanding of the differences between a non-violent crime and non-severe crime and violent or severe crime, these terms very important because sentencing has influenced these factors. To demonstrate the importance of these terms and how severe the sentencing was under the Yong Offenders Act, when the Department of justice released the Youth Criminal Justice Act: Summary and Background (2009), they stated that under the effect of the YOA: “The youth incarceration rate is higher than the adult incarceration rate in Canada” (Youth Sentences). This information is a Clear demonstration of how important the Youth Criminal Justice Act has become for

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