How To Write A Persuasive Essay About High School Sports

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Youth Sports Are Worth It
By:Bryant Haris

Imagine being able to go to Tukes Valley Middle School and just waiting to play some competitive football with your friends. That isn't going to happen though unless the Battleground school district decides to let the battleground schools have after school sports. One of the reasons that the Battleground school district should offer sports at the middle school level is because it can help kids behave. If you think about it, a lot of teenagers in the middle school level are mean to one another. Silas Hardeman is from ohio,and said There was a kid that made a mean comment on his appearance. He also said “that if he would have punched the kid for making a mean comment on my clothes, than I would
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If you start playing at the middle school level you would most likely end up in the high school sports level. In high school you would be going to tryouts to get on the team and since you have been playing since the middle school level, you would most likely get on the team. If you kept getting on the team until senior year that colleges would be looking at your grades and could potentially give you a scholarship.
There are other benefits to doing youth sports as well. For example: you can get good exercise. Practices normally happen 3-4 days week and 1-2 hours long, that is about 3-6 hours a week of exercising.
Youth sports can also have a huge impact on your life. Tyler Ward has been playing soccer his whole life. When he was 2 his mother enrolled him in a toddler soccer program. At the age of three Tyler started playing against other kids but not for fun, it was competitively. At the age of 6 Tyler was one of the top 15 players of 6 and under. At the age of seven Tyler started doing travel soccer and was so advanced that he was playing against mostly 8 year olds. In Tylers U9 year of soccer, his dad moved him to a different soccer club. This soccer club was a more elite type of soccer club, it was mainly meant for older kids or younger kids who needed more competition so they could go
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