Essay On Ziggurat And Pyramids

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In the ancient architectural structures, the civilization incorporated their own respective religious beliefs, political views and the socioeconomic factor in the construction. Moreover, these civilizations may have similarities , differences and overlaps. To begin with, the Ziggurat of Ur and the Great pyramids of Giza are completely from different civilization, however they have similarities in some way.

The ziggurat of Ur was built by the Sumerians.They built it with solid mud brick and bitumen. A ziggurat has four sides that are oriented to the cardinal points of the compass. The temple was built on a platform that lifts the building up to the ground; this platform is the ziggurat. It is elevated because it is the link between men and the heavens. Furthermore, the ziggurat also emphasized and maintained the Priest-king`s status, his isolation from the rest depicts that he is important and more closer to god than anyone else. Similar to the ancient Egypt, the pyramids of Giza have four sided base and these structures are also oriented to the cardinal points of the compass. Moreover, the pyramid is also a stairway to connect themselves to their gods. Likewise, Egyptian civilization is hierarchical, the pyramids of
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Also, the pyramids were constructed with limestones indicating that their Egyptian civilization is much more abundant than the city of Ur who used mud bricks or clay. Besides that, the ziggurats are usually built and placed at the center of the city as they are the architectural focus ,but as for the pyramids they were placed on the west side of the Nile river because that is where the sun sets,wherein they believed that it is the home for the
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