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By the end of his "flights", Zits has discovered himself and other things that help him in the future. Throughout the novel, Zits learned more and more about himself and how his behavior and actions define his identity more than his race as he endured his "flights" through the identities of others. Zits ' first flight was in the body of an FBI agent that is involved in Native American history named Hank. Hank 's partner was talking bad about Native Americans and Zits thinks, "I wonder what this racist FBI man would do if he knew his partner was really a half-breed Indian. I want to tell him, but I don 't want to get punched. Or shot in the head. Again," (Alexie 44). Zits decides to keep quiet to save himself from the consequences he could have faced if he would have spoke up; this action defines him and shows how he can control his behavior. Also, after they killed Junior contemplates the actions of Hank, "Maybe Hank Storm killed people. But then I remember the bank. I 'm not any better than these men. I 'm not any better than the real Hank Storm," (52). This flight made Zits understand how his actions represent him as a…show more content…
The third flight Zits went through was the body of an old, white soldier who was an Indian tracker who was named Gus. His growth in his character during this flight is when he decides to save Bow Boy and Small Saint. "But I can defeat Gus now. I am doing the right thing. I am trying to save the soldier who is trying to save Bow Boy," (95). He proceeds to say that he can "defeat" Gus and do what he wants to do instead of what Gus wants to do since Gus and Zits disagree on what should happen. Zits wants to save them and bring them to safety, but Gus wants them dead. Zits realizes that Gus is wrong and the right thing to do is to save them. He uses all his will to overcome Gus and follow through with his plan. This flight showed that Zits has the ability to decipher the difference between right and wrong actions, unlike before his

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