Informative Essay On Zoological Parks

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Zoological parks Zoos are nothing new to humans. CBC, a well-known broadcaster corporation for news, reports that zoos have been around since forever, dating back to around 1,500 B.C.E. by Egyptians capturing beasts. Now, zoos have grown and evolved to become more educational to children and to be helpful to the animals by rehabilitating them. Or have they? Imprisoning animals is wrong and cruel. Zoos should be shut down because many people think that zoos provide education to humans and conservation for animals but on the contrary, they take away their survival skills by providing sources, ultimately forcing them into dependant state, relying on humans; never being able to survive in the wild where they are still taken from. In addition, many people say that zoos protect, helping the animals, however, some animals that are not wanted are threatened by zoos,…show more content…
Zoos kill animals because they are not needed, being called surplus and taking up the already cramped space called home. Some other reasons zoos kill animals are because some animals try to escape while others have outlived their usefulness by not being able to spread their genes to other animals in zoo breeding programs. Care 2, a trusted website by and for activists states that animals may end up in hunting ranches, exotic meat industries, and even research facilities, where they all eventually are killed. For example, a 2-year-old healthy giraffe was killed in a European zoo for not being able to spread his genes to another giraffe. Other people even support zoos explaining that animals have to go somewhere, due to overcrowding. But on the other hand, if zoos didn 't exist, animals would be alive and free in the wild. Unfortunately, N.P.R., National Public Radio states that in Europe, by itself, kills 3,000 to 5,000 healthy animals every year. All in all, animals are killed every year, in zoos where their short lives come to an end
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