Essay On Zoo Should Not Be Kept In Zoos

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Do zoos fulfill the needs of the animals? Should animals be kept in only one enclosure for their whole life? Is it worth all the time and money for the animals to be unhappy? Many people think zoos are doing a good job of keeping animals happy in the man made zoos. Because people think that, they support the zoos by giving them money to see these animals instead of going to animal preservations where the enclosures aren’t entirely man made. Animals that can function and survive in the wild should not be kept in zoos because the enclosures do not meet the needs of the animals living in them, zoos restrict animals from their innate behavior and their natural instincts, and zoos are expensive and damage animals homes. Enclosures in zoos do not provide everything the animal needs. In paragraph 6 in the article…show more content…
In paragraph 4 of the article ”Do Animals Lose in Zoos?” it says “Zoos spend millions of dollars to create bigger and better enclosures to improve the conditions for the animals.” In order to build a big zoo, the person who owns the zoo must clear out land for the zoo, which means animals homes will be wiped out. Although the money spent for bigger enclosures gives the animals improved living conditions, it would be much more efficient for the animals to just live in the wild and we wouldn’t have to spend so much money for zoos. Instead, the money spent for zoos can be used for more important things such as medical research or even animal preservations. Animal preservations care for animals that can’t fend for themselves in the wild and teach people how to help, instead of keeping perfectly capable animals in man made enclosures. Although animals in captivity do live longer, they probably are not happy with their living conditions. Therefore, wild animals should be kept out of zoos, unless they can not survive on their own, then they should be taken to an animal
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