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Zookeeping, a career that generally involves taking care of animals in a specific place such as zoos & aquariums although there are other areas in which zookeeping is present. For as long as I can remember animals have always been a big part of my life, especially since I've always had a pet at home including fish, dogs, and cats, not to mention some of my closest relatives each had a wide variety of animals at their homes. Being in the military it means you get opportunities to travel all over the world and for me that meant being able to travel to Japan. When my family moved there I was about 4 years old and during the three years that we stayed there one of the few things I remember is an aquarium that my school went to on field trips. It was fascinating to me the variety of animals there were and how there lived in their environments. After staying in Japan my family moved to back to the states to Virginia and while spending 6 years there it gave me many opportunities to visit zoos and local veterinary hospitals. When you in elementary school you usually come up with dreams and goals that you want to pressure…show more content…
The main priority of a zookeeper is the animals and everything that goes along with them. Due to zookeepers needing to have knowledge of the animals this means that they typically need a bachelor's degree in biology, zoology, or animals science and experience in the field is important. Internships are great for hands on experience along with colleges such as Moorpark College in California and Santa Fe community college in Gainesville, Florida. Colleges such as those allow for hands-on experience with their teaching zoos and boost your chances of getting a job as a zookeeper. Those colleges are typically taken after you complete a degree in an animal related field before attending

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