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I`am going to introduce the different aspects that make a zoo a sensational or terrible place for animals. In this issue there are several facts that make us doubt about this theme, so in this case we should ask ourselves if our ethic allows this situation to carry on.

Firstly, I`am going to talk about why zoos are an exceptional place for animals to live.

In particular, Zoos rescue animals from circuses where animals are misuse and from their natural habitats where there are in danger of extension or only because they do not have the necessary natural resources for living. For example, the case of the elephants which are saved from the mafias that only want to cut their horn which are made up of ivory.

Next, In zoos, Animals are feed
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Furthermore, In 1999 in a zoo of Alicante, two german tourists died because of the attack of an animals which means that they do not feel comfortable with us.

Another example is that a tiger got away from his jail and killed a person. As a result, that tiger was killed with shoots.

Next, However people say that zoos are an educative place, the reality is that no because people only stay three minutes watching the animals and also, the information given in the zoo is not enough. In addition, they are “educative toys”.

To sum up, we really do not know if animals are on cloud nine or dispirited in zoos as we only give them the basic accommodation so that they can be alive.

From my point of view, zoos are a terrible place for animals as that cannot do whatever they want or they cannot get stimulated in a natural way. And in my opinion, I would not go again to the zoo and paid for the jail of another living thing. But despite, the real question is that if we prefer to learn and be more intelligent or live in the ignorance with our conscience

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