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Thesis: In The Monkey's Paw by W.W Jacobs, the realistic essence of the monkey's paw made it fundamentally creepy. Point 1: The monkey's paw is a symbol for inclination for greed, exposing our superior wants as people, even the most humble. Point 2: Consequences for the actions of those using the paw develops the image of regret and fear. Point 3: The monkey's paw cultivates an apprehensive understanding of overseas cultures. Paragraph one Restate Point one: The monkey's paw is symbolizing our wants, our cupidity. Explain: In the story Morris explains the paw as “Well, it's just a bit of what you might call magic, perhaps” Suggesting the idea a miracle. That there is an unexplainable power behind. Our ignorance persuading us it is in our…show more content…
The experience with paw adds doubt to anything else to knock at their doorstep. Point 3: But the Whites explained their displeasure for the paw after experiencing the consequences. Explain: Placing blame on this foreign object, rather than taking responsibility for the selfishness the paw granted. Conclude: The wishes granted by the paw only encouraged the blame on the unknown, rather than reflections on one's own actions. Conclusion Restate thesis: It is the realistic possibility of the paw that makes it fundamentally creepy. Restate point one: The intensive essence of the paw bring out the greed and desire us humans hold. Restate point two: Appealing in power but dreadful in experience encourage one to re-think their choices and reflect. Restate point three: The lack of knowledge of another culture is only foster by the paw for it consequences those are so quick to blame, rather than take responsibility. Restate thesis: For most of us on a global scale we are uncultured, so the proposition of this object with a creature like properties that could possibly exist and exploit our weaknesses, is fundamentally
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