Essay Paying Students For Good Grades

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Countless amounts students are not putting in enough effort into getting good grades at school. This is why schools are making a plan to get students to achieve better grades. A student’s motivation to do well in school should be their desire to learn, not only do it for the money. This makes school more of a business transaction then a place to learn and grow. Also, there are no beneficial outcomes, paying students for acceptable grades have in the long run. Actually, the students do worse. Paying students for good grades is not a good idea because success should be its own reward, there are no long-term effects, and students end up doing worse in the long run. First of all, paying students for good grades is not a good idea because success should be its own reward. Many parenting experts claim,” kids should be satisfied with the warm fuzzy feelings of accomplishment. Success is its own reward.” This means that kids should be satisfied with their own good grades, not with the added reward of money. If students only try for the money, they would stop trying if the…show more content…
According to Teneh Weller, who operates the High Expectation Parental Service in San Francisco Bay area, says,” But while it might re-ignite kids’ motivation in the short term, we need to reinforce their intrinsic motivation to see lasting results.” This means that kids who are being paid for great grades stop getting the rewards, their motivation to gain admirable grades is gone and they stop trying. Paying is only good for short terms, but there are no long-term effects. There are numerous ways to reignite a child’s motivation for school than bribing them with money. If schools want superb grades, teachers should make learning fun and get people engaged. Even if schools pay their children, when they stop their rewards, the grade goes down. Clearly, paying students for good grades have no long-term
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