Personal Mission Statement

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Personal Mission Statement I dedicate myself fully to achieve my goal of being accepted to study medicine at a tertiary institute by excelling academically in matric while going the extra mile to improve my intellectual abilities. I will continue to be a devoted Jew, a strong Zionist and proud supporter and defender of Israel and its right to exist. I will do the best I can to contribute to my friends, family and community and to leave a meaningful legacy as a “light unto nations.” I will strive to grow as a person and as a leader and focus on developing respect, responsibility and unconditional generosity in my personal life. I aim to find the balance between mind, body and soul to achieve happiness. Personal Philosophy Judaism…show more content…
My involvement with King David Linksfield and Bnei Akiva has lead me to stand up for Israel and guided me in becoming a Zionist. Programs like Hadracha Tzeira showed me the true beauty of the state and how there is a place in Israeli society for everyone. I wish to move there in the future and live in my ‘homeland’. I feel that life in South Africa is only temporary and I do not wish to live in any other country but Israel. My love for Israel is such a strong aspect in my life that I plan on moving there in January 2017 and joining the IDF to defend and serve my home. Israel is a core value in my life. Education and Future My biggest dream and most important goal for myself in life is to become a medical doctor and to be accepted into university and excel in the institution. Since I was 10 years old I have wanted to become a doctor. I have a deep interest in the medical field and anatomy and I am a very altruistic person and I would like to be able to help people in ways that others cannot. In order for this to become reality I will have to achieve outstanding results for my matric year and I aim to do so by working continuously and consistently throughout the year. Health and…show more content…
I have seen a person who valued his family and loved them dearly, but could not support them because he had high cholesterol and suffered from a heart attack. I had a conversation with him the night before he passed away and he said to me: “Never forget about your health. Without your health you can’t do anything anyways. Without your health you can’t care your family, you can’t work and earn money to survive, you can’t do anything.” I have never forgotten those words. I aim to raise awareness to the youth of today about health and diet and fitness and I hope to continue my daily exercise routine and healthy balanced
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