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I remembered it like it was yesterday, the sweat, the thoughts and the fear in my eyes of me knowing that I was about to get on that rollercoaster. I've done a whole lot in my life, I've been on a boat, I've toughed numerous types of animals I also rode rollercoasters before but there was something about this one. it terrified me it was the biggest one I have ever seen, the biggest of them all. its name was the hulk. the hulk surrounded the whole amusement park it was green just like the hulk and had a drop like no other. I remember like it was yester day how shinny it was because early that day it rained, and it wasn't no ordinary rain, it was storming that's what makes its worse. Last time I could remember that I was on a rollercoaster was when I was 12 and I wasn't scared at all I don't know what gotten into me but I just get so scared now. my friends really…show more content…
at that point I regretted every decision I had ever made. The instructor told us to step right up and buckle ourselves in so that exactly what we did. I made sure I was buckled up as tight as I could be and then I finally made the decision that I did not want to ride the roller coaster anymore. I asked the instructor could I be escorted of "to late" he replied and he pressed this button really quickly. as sat in between my twin sister and my best friends and I still didn't think I was safe enough. as he pressed the button I could feel the roller coaster slowly taking off and I thought to myself "oh this isn't too bad. until it dropped us I was scared out of my mind, I wrapped my warms around my sister and friends I wrapped my feet around tem

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