Essay Police Should Wear Body Cameras

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Police should wear wear body cameras because of civilian and police harm decline, evidence and clear information, and civilians being with the police instead of against them. I think that with these reasons, it will show that it will make a positive, huge impact on the society that we live in today. I think that police should wear body cameras because of civilian and police harm decline. It is proven in a study released by University of South Florida that after a twelve month period of police officers wearing body cameras, there was a huge decline in the amount of injuries of civilians made of the police wearing body cameras, and injuries of the cops, too. With the police cameras, it showed that the police are careful with how they treat and handle the civilians. It was found that with the body cameras, there were a lot less issues and problems dealing with injuries. It will also prevent riots and protests which is where a lot of injuries happen. This is a major positive to the situation, because this is one of the biggest problems and the main reason they want body cameras for the police. Also, with police body cameras there is a lot more evidence and clear information dealing with reports and missions/jobs that the officers have to do. With the camera, there is a lot more…show more content…
A study from Cambridge University documented that there was a tremendous drop in complaints against police once they put in body cameras. There was an exact decline of 93% in complaints against the cops. The year before the study, there were 1,539 complaints and after the experiment there was a total of 113 complaints. That is a major decline, and this proves that the cameras will be better for the society. After the incidents that have happened over the past few years, the way the people think about the police officers will all change for the better with these
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