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Shashawnda Campbell
Reading Prompt #7
For colored girls…

1. Indicate two sentences or thoughts you found well written. What makes each a strong sentence?
-"& she wanted to be unforgettable - she wanted to be a memory - a wound to every man - arragant enough to want her- she waz the wrath -of women in windows"(30) This is strong because it shows that love is so powerful it can make you do crazy things just to feel it for a quick second.

-“I found god in myself & I loved her/ I loved her fiercely”(63) This quote is so strong because it means so much because people would think she found like God but she was symbolizing how she found herself, and she loved her. I find it even stronger because the lady in red was always looking for love in all the wrong places, but she had to learn to love herself before she could allow herself to love someone else.

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What are the similarities and differences between this play and others we have read so far? Be sure to use specific examples and mention details from the other plays we have discussed.
- The color wants an abortion but it is different from Maggie because she was fighting the whole play to get a baby.
- It has similarities with Passion Play because Mary 1 was a playing a virgin but she was going out to get gays to sleep with her. Then in the play the girl in yellow in the play, “it was graduation nite &I was the only virgin in crowd bobby mills martin jerome & sammy yates eddie jones & randi all cousins all the prettiest niggers in the factory town carried me out wit em.”(7) She reminders me of Mary 1 because she say she’s a virgin and is taking on that role but she acts like a hoe.
-It has the lady red being in love with a man that is not in love with her. This reminded me of when Maggie was in love with Brick but he didn’t love her back.
-I lady in yellow was dealing with DJ who was trying to discover what his true sexuality was like Maggie dealing with Brick the only difference was she didn’t get an
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