Wendell Phillips Speech During The Civil War

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Essay Revision Wendell Phillips speech was delivered during a time before equality was in existence. As people’s race played a crucial factor in society. During 1861 when the Civil War was in its beginning stages the Northerners were debating weather to allow African Americans to serve in the military. As that made sense to some since the whole point of the civil war was to abolish slavery in the South and obviously many African Americans wanted to fight for that ending goal, but others debated that using African Americans could put their army in jeopardy as they had no experience. Event though this was a conflict between abolitionist people who were strongly for abolishing slavery in the United States some Northerners were still hesitant in trusting Blacks as there was still racism. During the speech, Philips does a significant job using several strategies such as analogies, comparisons,…show more content…
As they played a leading role in their country leaving their people with a positive impact. We see this when he says, “If I stood here tonight to tell the story of Napoleon, I should take it from the lips of the Frenchmen who find no language rich enough to paint the great captain” and then when he mentions George Washington in which he says there“no marble white enough on which to carve the name of the father of his country”. He compares the two leaders to show the significant and respected role they played in their country and how they left a positive impact. Then he goes on with harmonizing diction to introduce Toussaint-Loverture as a man who others “hated him because he had beaten them in many battles”. He does this to show how impressive a former slave was when he fought for what he believed in so that the Northerners would see how beneficial would it be to include Blacks in the army to fight along side with them instead of excluding
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