Essay: Should Animal Testing Be Banned?

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Should animal testing be banned? 1 Imagine spending your whole entire life in a cramped cage, just like a prisoner, no matter how fear or discomfort you were or how loud you agonize from death, there would be no family or friend to lend a helping hand to you. You even lacked the strength to truss up a chicken, having freedom of movement and control over your own life will be nothing more than a fantasy. What you were only waiting for are being injecting various types of viruses by someone or being dissected lively. At last, your spinal cord might be smashed or severe skin burn might result. What could save you from being tortured was only death. However, this are exactly the lives of animals in a laboratory. I am sure that this is already frightened…show more content…
Can you imagine how much the world spend on animal tests? It is surely hard to be estimated. Only in America, the government spends about more than US$14.5 billion per year for carrying out all types of cruel experiments, results in the millions death of animals. By referring to the budget report provided by the National Institutes of Health in 2014, taxpayers in America had to pay more than $12 billion for undergoing animal tests which absolutely imposed a heavy financial burden on them. Another illustration mentioned on news articles include $9.6 million to inject drugs into rabbits’ brains to see whether it would cause any effects on eyes and $1.1 million to see if meth-addicted monkeys would choose food or drug in pursuit of satisfying the never-ending curiosity of the scientists. Just as what David Williams, the president of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance said, these were all pointless and unnecessary expenses which could have been spent on more meaningful things, for instance, transplanting organs or curing cancers. Moreover, the history of animal testing is so lengthy that lots of time has been invested on all these inessential animal tests. On no occasion should we keep on spend our scarce resources and countless of precious animals’ lives, that’s why animal testing should be certainly

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