Essay: Should Children Be Tried As Adults

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Should children be tried as adults? When children growing up they starting recognize world around them. They interact with other kids and authorities. Kids learn everyday something new from their experiences. They know how they should behave. Children are able to recognize right from wrong. They know that in the past their bad behavior caused punishment and conversely good behavior caused a positive reinforcement. This is the way how they grow up and become adults. When kids commit a crime they are aware what are they doing.”Across the United States, thousands of children have been sentenced as adults and sent to adult prisons. Nearly 3000 nationwide have been sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.”("Children in…show more content…
“The number of teenagers under eighteen arrested for murder has risen over one hundred fifty percent from 1985 to 1994. Id. This is a disturbing trend, especially in light of the fact that Justice Department surveys consistently show that less than half of all crime, including crimes of violence, is reported to the police.” ("102. Juvenile Crime Facts.") These statistics are alarming and it makes a big issue for our society. We should deal with it and make appropriate punishments for juveniles which would dissuade them from crime. The other side believes that a young offender does not really understand what he or she did. They argue that their brain is not fully developed. (Schiraldi) We as humans have sense for right and wrong. Children have the ability to understand that stealing, cheating, and hurting others are wrong. They know that it is wrong kind of behavior and they should not do that. Children should be tried as adults because they are aware of their acts. They have sense for right and wrong. Crimes committed by juveniles are increasing and this is the reason to treat them as adults to avoid this kind of behavior in the future. Families of victims of crimes committed by juveniles deserve justice no matter how old the offender
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