Essay: Should College Athletes Be Paid

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In any controversial topic there will be two sides to an argument. The

opposing side in any argument will fire back with good points I’m sure, these are the

big arguments individuals on the affirmative side of should College Athletes be paid

like employees. First: Student Athletes bring in hundreds of thousands of

dollars each year to the school so they should get a cut or a paycheck out of it.

Our Response: There is no doubt big college sport teams bring in the money for

their respective schools, as they should considering how much facilities for sport

programs cost. The biggest thing to keep in mind here is it takes millions to keep a

big program on its feet. Take a football program for example; rarely do University …show more content…

The third and final big argument the affirmative side might argue is that it

will stop the corruption in College Sports. We all know that there are things that

go on within universities that not everyone knows about. Whether its recruiting

violations, paying players under the table, etc. Paying players will not stop

corruption in college sports. If you give big time athletes money he or she is going

to want more eventually. When would the NCAA say enough is enough? Athletes

would be asking for hand- outs regularly. How would the NCAA even pay the

players? Who would get more, the senior RB or the talented new 5-star freshman?

These are questions that have never been answered. If you tell a 5th senior running

back for example that the new freshman is going to be getting more money than him

you are going to have turmoil within the entire team.

Everyone also seems to forget about title XI. There is all this talk about

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