Essay Should Smartphones Be Allowed In School

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Due to the invention and rapid development of smartphones in the present century, people all around the world were facilitated to surf the internet and employ applications for practically everything whenever and wherever they want. Nonetheless, countless research has been conducted over the years on smartphones’ bad influence upon students until now. Accordingly, a number of high schools are banning the use of cell phones on account of concern, and there have been some dissenting voices that it is improper to restrict students in the use of cell phones. Still, using cell phones should not be permitted within high schools for its students. In order to assert this argument, this essay will analyze following topics regarding how cell phones are…show more content…
In this respect, the marvelous functions that cell phones have turn out to be quite a crucial obstacle. Bedwell reported that “the internet and smartphones have made it easier for students to cheat in exams, a new report into academic misconduct at the University of Sydney has found,” and added that “the report found social media helps students share stolen exam papers and questions quickly.” With smartphones featuring web browsers and social networking apps, it would certainly stir up some controversy if few students misuse their phones during tests. While vigilant monitoring may be a key for this problem, it still is a considerable subject produced by the permission of cell phone use at school. Students ought not to be allowed to use their cell phones in school for their own sake. If students are permitted to use cell phones, they would be distracted from studying and cause disruptions in classes. Furthermore, students would even suffer disadvantages owing to the risks of cheating through phones. To avoid probable repercussions that would be detrimental to students’ interests, the use of cell phones should not be allowed within high
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