Persuasive Essay About Textbook And Ipads

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Have you ever carried countless, hefty, and space filling books for school that just make your back ache? Your back just desires for a two hour massage trying to relieve the terrible pain. Well, it's an excellent aspect how advance the world has become on technology. Textbooks and iPads possess an exceptional effect on our society. For one, iPads provide an entertainment purpose, keeping those fussy toddlers tranquil, furthermore, allowing us an escape route from boredom. Textbooks, on the other hand, provides us with an educational purpose, explaining to us on countless different subjects, and assisting us to learn everyday. These two objects have supported us in learning numerous objectives for numerous years. Despite the fact that textbooks have aided…show more content…
It makes you wonder how long those books were captive there, and how many years it was put to abuse. One prime reason that iPads should replace textbooks is because textbooks has dealt with tons of abuse from the kids from years of usage. We all have seen inappropriate drawing and comments scribbled onto the pages that have vast rips in them. Teachers want students to do exercises from the book, however, the kids before has already written down the answers. The pre written answers, just encourages the lazy student to copy down the answer, not working it out themselves, and therefore, they are not learning anything. “For one, they're made of paper, so they're not exactly environmentally friendly when you think about the millions of copies of each subject that must be produced” (Sennebogen). That's just millions of pages being ripped and wasted and millions of our beloved tree being cut down for nothing. The first year that the students used them, they generally remain clean, however, years upon years of reusing? That textbook might as well be a failed sketchbook with all of its scribbles and writings onto ripped
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