Essay 'Should We Let Computers Get Under Our Skins?'

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Moor: “Should We Let Computers Get Under Our Skins?” In the argumentative essay, “Should We Let Computers Get Under Our Skins?”, Moor argues that the era of cyborgs-part human and part computer-is coming whether we like it or not, but we should accept a policy of “responsible freedom” along with it. He argues against the thoughts of not allowing cyborgs. He thinks that instead of trying to fight and go against this coming of computer help, we should accept it but be aware of the things that come along with it. We should approach it with having the freedom to be able to decide whether we want computer implants or not, but also by being responsible in knowing the harms that could come with it. He also argues against the side opposing computer based implants. The things he argues against are complete prohibition of these implants and about the therapy and enhancement distinction. The first thing Moor argues is that the “prohibition” policy is unacceptable. It is unacceptable because that policy forbids the implantation of computer implants, saying it is unnatural to do that. He argues that saying that is unnatural, is not a plausible policy. As Moor …show more content…

I would say being part computer does undermine human dignity. Humans are sacred and putting pieces of computers into humans tampers with human dignity. There are different ways of seeing things but one way you could look at it is that humans were all made a certain way for a reason. They were given their life to live and they should respect it and not try to alter their course of life by putting foreign computer parts in them. It disrespects their human self, like saying it is not good enough and needs to be replaced by something better. What could be more sacred? Humans are not to be tampered with, they are precious being made the way they are for a

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