Essay Similarities Between Ulysses And Odysseus

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Comparing and Contrasting the Characters Odysseus and Ulysses While Odysseus and Ulysses share some similarities they seem to be more different than alike. Odysseus has his heart set on returning home and reuniting with his family, but Ulysses is content to abandon his family so that he can once more sail the seas. One man tries to make a connection with his son and works with him to bring down the suitors who have plagued their house, the other man instead wishes to leave and place the burden of responsibility solely on his son’s shoulders while he goes off adventuring. One small similarity between the two men is that they both decided to name their kid Telemachus. The last line of Tennyson’s Ulysses brings forth another similarity between the two men: their unwillingness to give up. One of the greatest differences between the two men is their ultimate goal: Odysseus has one goal, to return home to his wife and son. From the island of Calypso to the land of the Phaeacians Odysseus never forgets his family and the yearning desire he has to reunite with them. Even when he is tempted with the beauty of a goddess and her love and devotion towards him he does not stray from his path but tells her. “Goddess and queen, do not be angry with me. I myself know that all you say is true and that circumspect Penelope can never match the impression you make for beauty and stature. She is mortal after all, and you are immortal and ageless. But even so, what I want and
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