Ways To Reduce Bullying In Schools

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"What if the kid you bullied at school, grew up, and turned out to be the only surgeon who could save "you life" Lynette Mather. Either direct or indirect, bullying is defined as a physical or physiological abuse. Bullying has been a major problem the academic society has been copping with. The effects of bullying are long-term and can affect a person's future.The issue of bullying have left many negative effects on the educational society which has pushed many to find a possible effective solution. Although there has not been found a solution to completely eliminate bullying, many approaches were found efficient for certain circumstances. It is crucial to minimize bullying in schools as it can prevent the negative phycological effects of those who were present in the act of bullying . This literature review Jad a summery of various articles discussing how to reduce or prevent bullying. The bullies are prone to commit criminal acts on the future while the victim can suffer physiologically. The three approaches the…show more content…
Schools have the responsibility to provide a safe atmosphere where the schools norms, esteems and exceptions provide all youngster feel safe and valued. Thus, no school should open its doors to children unless it is committed to protect them. Whitted & Dupper (2005), claim that techniques to avoid or limit bullying in schools must incorporate school level intersections intended to change the general culture and atmosphere of the school. Moreover the school’s principal should send solid warning messages to the whole school group that harassing is unacceptable and will not be tolerated thus any act of bullying will have its consequences. Therefore schools with strong and strict policies seem to be effective in limiting or preventing
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