Essay Statement Of Purpose For Mechanical Engineering

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Statement of Purpose Sujith Raj Subburaj
Curiosity is the word that drove me up-to this point in my life. My craze for computer games made me visit my uncle’s industry during my childhood days. I never knew that my curiosity would transfer from games to manufacturing. One day I explored the industry as his PC was in a problem. This is what I call love at first sight. I fell in love with manufacturing and mechanical field. Trying and failing to repair any broken stuffs in my childhood intensified my curiosity towards mechanical.
Constant support from my parents made me maintain my scores good in all classes scoring 90% in my 10th & 89.83% in my 12th. These good marks helped me gain admission into my dream course of Mechanical engineering. As I learn in a pragmatic way getting good grades in college was easy. As of now, I have 7.99 as my GPA.
After completing three semesters and understanding the basics of my dream course, I thought my curiosity to
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I was the vice captain of my team in Efficycle and also presented our model in the virtual round. I also captained the suspension department in SAE SUPRA. I choose suspension because I always prefer others to be comfortable in the product that I make. My confidence about my leadership strengthened when our director made me captain for these events. Adding to this to exemplify my leadership I was selected to lead a team of freshmen to various industries during my final year. My passion towards racing gained me a place in the RC car team of my college thus I participated in various racing events. The affinity that I had towards designing made me get certified in CAD software like “AutoCAD, Solid Works Associate and Solid Works Professional”. I have also own Runner up trophy in district volleyball match in my school days. And the sport that I would die for is soccer as it is a team game which builds trust on one

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