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The book, A Dog’s Purpose, follows a dog who searches for his unique purpose in life. The canine experiences reincarnation four times, and in every one of his different lives, he tries to accomplish making his human happy. In his first life, he is Toby and lives in the Yard with a woman called Señora. Toby adjusts to his life in the Yard and assumes his purpose is to make Señora smile. He comforts her and takes pride in being her favorite. Soon, Toby makes a trip to the veterinarian's office and is abruptly put to sleep because of his size. Toby is reincarnated as a Golden Retriever who, after maturing, is let out of the cage to play in the backyard. Toby turns the knob and breaks free. He encounters a man on the side of the road and the man lets him into his truck. The man drives to a bar and after a few hours with no return, Toby starts to suffer from heat exhaustion. Fortunately, a woman shows up at the man’s truck and spots Toby, shatters the truck window with a rock, and gives…show more content…
Bailey is a troublemaker at both houses, but is loved by everyone. During one summer at the farm, Ethan meets Hannah. He eventually asks Hannah to be his girlfriend, she says yes, and Bailey approves the girl as she is constantly petting him. Back at the boy’s house, Bailey saves Ethan from arson. He suffers a leg injury, which ends his high school football career. After undergoing months of physical therapy, Ethan returns to the farm to finish high school with Hannah. Later, things are not going well for Ethan, including his leg injury, his breakup with Hannah, and his parents divorce. Years after, Ethan goes off to college, and Bailey stays on the farm with only visits from Ethan on the holidays. Bailey gets older and his health worsens, he is weak and naps often. Ethan’s mom takes him to the vet and Bailey is put down
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