Essay Summary: Our Journey To God's Glory

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Our Journey to God’s Glory
James M. Vinyard
Grace Bible College

This paper discusses God’s plan for bringing many sons and daughters into glory. It will explain some of the main steps required to for a person to come into a clear understanding of God’s calling upon their life. Bring to light some of the misconceptions and pitfalls that people stumble into during their journey. It unveils the one reason God allows some things to remain hidden from us. Hopefully, this paper will encourage individuals to continue to persevere on their journey towards God’s goals for them. Help people to realize they have a key role to play in God’s story concerning the creation and redemption of man. This paper will show the reader how each of our individual stories, combine with and
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Our Journey to God’s Glory I have always been fascinated by the image of God in man. So, the idea that that image carries with it some of God’s glory isn’t surprising. Every one of us is born in God’s image. (Gen 1:26 New International Version) That image reflects God’s glory through us here on earth. If you think of God’s garden with man and woman in it, as a perfect depiction of God’s image reflecting his glory through his creation. Then picture the fall of mankind as a shattering of that image. Then God’s goal through mankind’s redemption is to reassemble that image and restore the glory that once shined through it. Gordon Smith in his book Courage & Calling outlines three distinct areas of God’s calling for us. First, we are all called to become disciples. Second, we are all called with a specific purpose or mission. Thirdly, we are all called to carry out daily tasks in

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