Role Of Death Penalty In Our Society

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The Death Penalty Protects our Society
The death penalty is a punishment of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime. William Tucker, a journalist and author of Vigilante, states that “after the death penalty was abolished, murder rates nearly tripled, rising to an all-time high in the 1980s.” Abolishing the death penalty will cause more murders in our community, and overpopulate our prisons. Many people that oppose the death penalty believe that it kills innocent people, but in reality, most innocent people are released before their sentence. Admittedly, the death penalty can sometimes be incorrectly used on the innocent, but it still remains an effective way of preventing dangerous criminals from returning to society. Despite the fact that murder rates in non-death penalty states remain lower than murder rates in death penalty states, the death penalty should be a part of our justice system because it protects society from
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Recent studies concerning the death penalty reveal that “each execution carried out is correlated with approximately 74 fewer murders the following year,” (“Deter Crime”). Executing these criminals that are conducting capital crimes, would prevent them from being able to murder anyone again. In correlation to this, murders would decrease more and more each year the death penalty is active. Jeffrey Howard, a political philosophy lecturer, believes that “criminals should be punished so that they and others will be less likely to commit crime in the future.” Making sure that these murderers, twisted rapists, and others of the same category, know that committing severe crimes will have them put on death row might make them think twice before doing so. By putting fear into the enemies with no fear, could save us hundreds of lives a year, and protect us from future
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