Summary: The Farmers Coop Elevator Company

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The Farmers Coop Elevator Company

Summarize major achievements and recognition

Over my high school career, I have been given the chance to accept numerous awards in academics as well as high academic honor roll every semester. In the classroom academically, I have received academic achievement medals in Nutrition Sciences, Sciences, Business, Spanish and Math related courses. These are given to the top two students in the class. I have taken numerous college level courses throughout high school and was named to the president’s honor roll at Hutchinson Community College last year. I have achieved my high GPA through taking hard classes and also have had to take several classes as an independent study to fit them into my schedule. These classes include Accounting, Physics, Entrepreneurship, College Marketing, and College Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel. When I
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By getting an education where I will learn all about our eyes it will benefit me personally with being able to try out new options on myself and be able to speak of the results personally to my patients.
The main reason that I want to become an optometrist is because eyes are something that are different for everyone and they are something that I find very interesting in how they work and how different each color is. It is interesting also how they dilate with light and darkness in how they move. Eyes are just something that I am fascinated with along with helping people to see the world more clearly is something that I really want to strive for as an optometrist.
My career choice in Optometry will let me touch the lives of each patient and make sure that the result that they get is very rewarding, so then they are able to really benefit from this experience in a great, positive
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