Essay Surrounding Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory

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MIDTERM HDFS 201 1. The overall idea surrounding Piaget’s Cognitive Development theory is that development is solely dependent upon maturation. Piaget believed that people simply developed as they got older, without environmental factors affecting development. The concrete operational stage explains cognitive development in children that are seven to twelve years old. Children this age display logic skills, the ability to apply rules and categories, and are able to infer. This is also the stage where children are supposed to learn to take in multiple variables and develop the skill of conservation. 2. According to Erikson, development is brought about by interactions with others. These pivotal moments are called psychosocial stages. Stage…show more content…
A temperamental label can change the development path because it affects the child’s view of the world. A child who is well-liked will see the world as a wonderful and accepting place, whereas a child who is not liked will feel unaccepted. Babies that have an easy temperament tend to be well-liked. Contrarily, difficult and slow to warm-up babies tend to be ignored or disliked because of their attitude. 6. The interactionist view of language learning states that we are biologically inclined to learn language. This is part of our nature, something that we cannot change. However, we also need to experience language to learn it. This is the nurture aspect of language; we need someone to talk to us for us to acquire language. If someone was never talked to as a child they would probably not be able to talk, because they have not been assimilated into language. They would still be biologically inclined to learn language though. The interactionist view of language is nurture working upon what nature endowed. 7. Parents can promote literacy in their children by reading to and talking to their children. Parents who read to their children often teach their child advanced vocabulary and critical thinking skills. Reading to the child can be presented as a fun activity which makes the child more eager to read and to
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