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Sometimes one might think why the house should be cleaned if it will get dirty again. This excuse is not true and we should know that cleaning just not only provides a sparkling house but it also provides many physical, mental and emotional benefits that may improve one's health. You will be amazed to know that the regular cleaning which might generally not be noticed can be helpful for us in number of ways. 2.1.2 Benefits of Cleaning of a House There are several benefits of cleaning of a house and few of them are following - • To remove dust and other irritating allergens from the home, one should regularly clean it. People suffering from allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems are always advised to keep their houses clean so that they…show more content…
How to sweep a floor – a. Choose an appropriate broom – You should select an appropriate broom for cleaning the desired area as it will make you work easier. E.g. Use soft broom with normal size handle for cleaning the dry floor while use long handled soft broom for cleaning cobwebs from ceiling and walls. b. Before sweeping, you should remove all the clutter including delicate and important items from the floor to avoid any accident. It will make your task easier and less time consuming. c. Sweep the floor of a room– Hold the broom and start from one corner of the floor and sweep towards the other corner of the floor in overlapping strokes. Pile up the dust at a point and bring the dust from other corners as well by following the same process. Now the entire dust is collected at one place. You should collect the dust in a corner which is not in contact of direct air otherwise it will get spilled and will increase your work. d. While sweeping you should make sure that the broom reaches all the corners and under the furniture so that the dust from there may be collected. e. Now collect the dust on a dust pan and throw it into the

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