Essay: The Importance Of Pitching In Baseball

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Baseball players have less than 0.40 seconds to defend themselves from a whirling ball hit by a 200lbs slugger. Not to mention fielders only have 4 seconds to field and throw the ball to get the runner out. Presumably, baseball is seen as one of the hardest defensive sports in many rankings.

Every position on the baseball diamond requires elite motor skills. For example, the 12 pitches players need to master are not only difficult to learn, but are harmful to their bodies as well. The strenuous technique males use to pitch is unnatural. Pitching can lead to lifelong injuries like rotator cuff tears and muscle strains. Moreover, catchers are the quarterback of baseball; they count the number of outs for the team, they choose the most appropriate pitch for the batter, and they need a reaction time as quick as light to throw a runner out. Much like catchers, infield players must have good throwing arms. Third basemen must throw 80 mph to a base that is 127 feet away to even have a chance to get a runner out. Furthermore, outfielders must be quick and accurate. They need to cover a lot of ground
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All things considered, playing defense in baseball is harder than playing in softball -- there’s more ground to cover. In baseball, the bases are 90 feet apart from one another, while as in softball the bases are only 60 feet apart. Males need to be speedy to tag a runner out and need to always be ready to stop a grueling batted ball. Meanwhile, hitting in softball is far more difficult than hitting in baseball. Females have less time to react to a pitch and have more inadequate equipment. Softball players must have pristine timing and have a consciousness of the varying types of pitches. Much like other sports, baseball and softball have traits that balance one another's obstacles. Ultimately, the call to which is more difficult can go both

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